Matan Shaked is the youngest fashion designer in Israel, is CEO and HEAD DESIGNER in the brand.
In 2014, when he was still a high school student, he opened the private women's studio for which he designed personalized evening dresses for them. The rumor about the young boy with the big head spread across the city - and so began to reach the studio women who appreciate haute couture dresses.
A fashion journalist and TV show in Israel declared him an interesting young fashion designer, but mostly - with a design style that is only associated with him.

Matan's was only 22 in 2018 - when he was invited to open New York Fashion Week. In a fashion show that was reviewed by a number of American magazines and all the press and television channels in Israel.
And Matan׳s is the youngest Israeli fashion designer to present and open New York Fashion Week.

Matan's success in Israel has made him a celebrity favorite for important events and big shows, choosing to wear from his collections.
Every day brides-to-be choose Matan shaked luxury bridal line because they are recognized and unique from all the wedding dress designers in the world.

Matan Shaked's fashion brand is designed for 3 departments: wedding dresses, evening dresses, and ready-to-wear clothing.
All departments are designed and created by Matan and his team in the main studio in Israel.

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